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Dangerous Discourses of Disability, Subjectivity and by M. Shildrick

By M. Shildrick

This cutting edge and adventurous paintings, now in paperback, makes use of largely feminist and postmodernist modes of study to discover what motivates destructive attitudes and practices in the direction of incapacity. The ebook argues for the importance of the psycho-social imaginary and indicates a manner ahead in disability's queering of normative paradigms.

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Given that no interaction is entirely without risk to our fragile sense of self, the relations between self and other operate largely within a scopic economy that privileges the spacing – the interval – of separation. In that regard, it is perhaps significant that the medical model of disability – which promotes an image of individual pathology – should have held sway for so many decades. 2 Even in those contemporary clinical encounters which are hands-on, there is a lingering anxiety about any breach in the implicit cordon-sanitaire that surrounds and is assumed to protect the subject.

His genealogical project, moreover, is explicitly directed to the status of the body, to ‘its conditions of weakness and strength, its breakdown and resistances’ (Foucault 1977a: 144), and to the recovery not of origins or essential foundations, but of a discontinuous discursive materialisation. His understanding of the relationship between the categories of normal and abnormal, and the way in which difference is equally constructed and regulated has thrown light not only on a medical model of embodiment that pathologises the disabled body, but also on the more recent social model of disability that effects a politicisation of the problematic.

As Michael Warner notes: ‘sex is a disgrace . . the possibility of abject shame is never entirely out of the picture’ (1999: 2). That a sexual partner should be disabled merely serves to amplify the putative danger to the supposedly sovereign self. To that uncomfortable scenario, phenomenology brings new insights and perhaps initially a heightened anxiety. In a general and somewhat abstract sense, the basis of the phenomenological model of embodied subjectivity speaks not to a settled self but to a lifelong process of becoming with others in an open encounter that constitutes both self and other.

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