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Cybersong (Star Trek Voyager, No 8) by S.N. Lewitt

By S.N. Lewitt

A misery sign leads the USS "Voyager" to a boat with out life-form readings. Then the Starship gets a message from an alien, inviting the staff to the send. Janeway sends a crew to enquire after which unearths that the helm of the "Voyager" will now not reply to directions.

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They want to assimilate all the sentient races they find, bring them into their mental collective. We think the Borg came from the Delta Quadrant. " "Oh no," Neelix said quickly. "The Rhiellians are very peaceable. I've never heard of them ever being in a war. No, they stay to themselves and don't bother anyone. So finding any of them in space is unusual to start. They don't have many trading ships. If you want their products, you go to them. " Neelix sighed heavily. "That's all I know, Captain.

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