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Cryptography: Proceedings of the Workshop on Cryptography by Thomas Beth (eds.)

By Thomas Beth (eds.)

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5 : In J~CJGXJ the security of a cryptographic method, enciphering mistakes and other offences to encryption discipline are t o be taken i n t o accomt. The simplest and t h e r e f o r e most frequent ones are: Repeated transmission of the same plain t e x t with d i f f e r e n t keys, r e p e t i t i o n of the enciphered message in c l e a r t e x t , frequent use of s t e r e o t y p e words and phrases ( t h e r e i s ample supply i n t h e lan- guage of the m i l i t a r y and diplomacy and elsewhere), the use of key words which a r e too short o r can e a s i l y be guessed, the use of a common word f o r a sudden event ('probable word'), when using code books, not t o use homophones and nulls a nd t o s p e l l r a r e l y used words, and f i n a l l y the use of double l e t t e r s and combinations l i k e ch and qu , of punctuation marks and of spaces.

Ingemarsson describes a procedure transformbg the original knapsack into a system of modified knapsack problems in elementary geometry of numbers and linear programming. Along the same lines is a paper by Shamir (Shamir 1982) in which he describes a method*) solving almost all the knapsack-equations of fixed length n in polynomial computing time. Shamir's method uses a result of Lenstra's (Lenstra 1981), which proves that the integer linear programming problem (Garey/Johnson 1977) with a fixed number of variables is plynomially solvable.

After FRIEDRICH W. KASISKI, a Prussian Army officer (1805-1881) had shown [Kasiski Id631 how to determine the period of a general polyalphabetic substitution and then reducing the analysis to the monoalphabetic case, it took only a few decades until better cryptologists knew that polyalphabetic substitution with periodic key offers no security either, unless the key is o f about the length of the message. In addition, AUGUSTE KERKHOFFS (1835-1903) had shown [Kerkhoffs 18831 how t o break general polyalphabetic substitutions with nonperiodic keys, if the same key is used several times.

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