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Crazy for Wisdom: The Making of a Mad Yogin in by Stefan Larsson

By Stefan Larsson

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When Nyangrel Nyima Oser turned twenty he heard. of the fame of a certain lama named the Madman Donden (Smyon pa don [dan) and he felt a strong faith toward the lama. " 30 Zhonu Pal describes several other masters who act in crazy ways in the Blue Annals. One of them is Jadral Chenpo, whose behavior changed radically after he attained liberation. 31 It is often difficult to determine whether a person is to be regarded as a mad yogin, a madman, or a yogin. The lines between the categories are blurred, and different people have different opinions.

A Buddhist practitioner, as an aspirant to enlightenment, has much to learn from the life of the Buddha, for the Buddha was not only an exceptional individual worthy of praise but also a model to follow and emulate. John S. Strong has pointed out Jaschke 1977: 314. 5 Gyatso 1998: 103. 4 Sangs rgyas kyi spyod pa zhes bya ba'i snyan dngags chen po. 'Phags pa rgya cher rol pa zhes bya ba theg pa chen po'i mdo. 8 The latter is more embellished and became particularly influential within the Mahayana tradition.

In a way they represent two kinds of siddha-type yogins: Lama Zhang was a religious and worldly leader who performed his siddha role and displayed outrageous behavior in ways that went hand in hand with his worldly interests, while Padampa Sangye was an anchorite, living with his disciples in remote areas far away from worldly and political concerns. Lama Zhang, founder of the Tsalpa sub-branch of the Kagyii school, was a learned, innovative, and somewhat unconventional teacher who Roerich 1996: 188.

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