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Contemporary Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture by Claire Monod Cassidy, PhD, Dipl Ac, LAc, FNAAOM, Series

By Claire Monod Cassidy, PhD, Dipl Ac, LAc, FNAAOM, Series Editor and Marc S. Micozzi, MD, PhD (Eds.)

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In place of anatomy, OM developed a theory of human structure in terms of the pathways by which Qi (and its various constituents) is distributed to every part of the organism from embryonic to adult stages of development. These pathways are commonly known as acupuncture Meridians. Some translators 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. nates the muscles and limbs, opens into the mouth, and manifests on the lips. The Large Intestine receives the waste, transports, and excretes it. The Small Intestine digests the food and separates the clear from the turbid.

The most common image of Qi flow along the Principal Meridians is that of a closed loop in which each of the 12 pass their Qi on to the following Meridian, as in 26 CONTEMPORARY CHINESE MEDICINE AND ACUPUNCTURE Figure 2-4. This closed circulation of Qi is said to be governed by the Lungs, which traditionally play the initiating role that is analogous to the heart's role in blood circulation, a scientifically established function documented in the West only thousands of years after the Qi cyclewas initially described.

Barrier Points (grouping developed by the French Medical Acupuncture Association, reflecting the SEL tradition, best described in the text by Kespi"). 5. Windows of the Sky Points (Tian ChuangXue in Chinese; described as having a special influence on the Spirit in LA, but also commonly used in SEL and other styles of acupuncture). 6. Four Seas Points (Si Hai in Chinese; they are the Seas of Blood, Marrow, Nourishment, and Energy). 7. Group Connecting Points (Chinese technical terms are not identified for these acupoints, whose use was first described by Niboyer-"), 8.

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