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Conquering Math Anxiety by Cynthia A. Arem

By Cynthia A. Arem

This 3rd version of Arem's CONQUERING MATH nervousness workbook provides a accomplished, multifaceted remedy method of lessen math nervousness and math avoidance. the writer bargains pointers on particular thoughts, in addition to rest routines. The book's significant concentration is to motivate scholars to do so. Hands-on actions aid readers discover either the underlying motives in their challenge and potential strategies. Many actions are through illustrated examples accomplished through different scholars. The unfastened accompanying CD comprises recordings of robust leisure and visualization workouts for lowering math anxiousness

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2). With regard to the SATs, Hyde and her colleagues explain that many more females than males now take the SATs because a greater proportion of females than males attend college. As a result, the male scores represent more of the top talent among the male student population, while the female SAT scores represent both the top and lower tiers of female talent. So it is sad but true that with all these studies indicating that females are capable of performing at equal levels to males in math, negative stereotypes about female’s math performance continue to exist.

So, as you can see, the origins of math anxiety are varied. The following exercise will help you focus on your math history and will help you identify the early roots of your problem. 26 CHAPTER 2 E X E R C I S E 2 - 1 Your Math Autobiography What is your math history? In the spaces that follow, briefly describe your chronological history in terms of the negative and positive experiences you’ve had with math. Include your earliest memories, as well as memories of how your teachers and your family influenced you in math.

Did you blank out, feel panicky, overwhelmed? Record all feelings and sensations. ” Objectively look at what you learned from this current math lesson. Did you learn you are too hard on yourself, that you are saying pretty nasty things to yourself about math and your ability to do math? Does one particular thought tend to repeat itself and make you feel defeated? Did you notice you feel unsure even when you can do math problems correctly? Do you give up too readily as soon as the problem becomes a little difficult?

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