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Coningham - A Biography of Air Marshall Sir Arthur Coningham by Vincent Orange

By Vincent Orange

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Nevertheless, to be forced to present one’s own cosmological ideas in the framework of a commentary on Aristotle’s De caelo did not only have disadvantages. Numerous factors decided the fate of a medieval piece of scholarship, especially before the invention of printing with movable type. Since lectures on Aristotle’s De caelo were quite common and usually obligatory at medieval universities, the author of a commentary on Aristotle’s treatise probably had a greater chance that his ideas exerted a broader impact on contemporary and future learning than if he had composed a monograph.

Ibidem bk. II, ch. 25, ll. 243–344 (530–536). Ibidem bk. II, ch. 25, ll. 354–364 (536–538). 28 Kirschner and Kühne We shall now briefly sketch the factors that provided the basis for a fruitful disputation tradition at medieval universities with the questio disputata as its primary representative, and how this situation changed during the Renaissance. (1) When it came to discussing cosmological issues, Aristotle’s De caelo was considered the ideal starting point. Plato’s Timaeus could not compete with Aristotle’s De caelo.

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