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Complexity and the Experience of Leading Organizations by Douglas Griffin, Ralph Stacey

By Douglas Griffin, Ralph Stacey

The individuals to this ebook are leaders, specialists or managers in businesses who supply narrative debts in their genuine paintings and day-by-day event. They discover how the viewpoint of complicated responsive methods assists them to make experience in their event and as a way to enhance their perform.

Offering a unique approach to making experience of an individual’s event in a speedily altering international, this publication makes use of reflective debts of normal way of life in businesses instead of idealized money owed. The editors’ statement introduces and contextualizes those stories in addition to drawing out key subject matters for extra research.

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Paradox is eliminated by positing dualisms and then examining first one side of the dualism, followed by the other, in an alternating serial manner. Following this thought procedure, humans understand nature in terms of autonomous systemic wholes, hypothesized to unfold a pattern already enfolded in them in an ‘as if ’ manner (see Kant, 1987 (1790)). Human beings could also, quite separately, understand their own actions in terms of the goals they set themselves as autonomous individuals and the judgments they make as to the ethics of their actions.

In response to a question from myself, F2 offered the view that the ‘fear’ issue was in some way personal to me and to my relationship with the group. It was not therefore a more general function of my role. The facilitators’ view was that I should be careful to be positive about what the group had to say and to welcome their suggestions for change. They felt that it would be a good idea too if I discussed directly the ‘fear’ issue with the group. I was not prepared for this interaction. I felt Facilitator-2 was behaving in a way that was quite aggressive towards me.

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