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Collected Works by Andrei Platonov

By Andrei Platonov

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Chiklin chimed in from up ahead. " Voshchev looked upon the people and decided to live somehow or other, considering that they suffered in patience and lived: he had taken place together with them and he would die in his own time inseparable from people. " said Chiklin. " But Kozlov did not respect another person's pity for him—unnoticeably he himself stroked his hollow-sounding decrepit chest beneath his shirt and continued to dig the solid earth. He still believed in the coming of life after the completion of big buildings, and he feared lest he not be accepted in that life if he were to be presented there as a complaining non-working element.

Having completed the calculation of his magnitudes, Prushevsky guaranteed the indestructibility of the future all-proletarian dwelling and felt comforted by the reliability of the material which had been foreordained to protect and preserve human beings living until now in the out-of-doors. And inside he felt good and inaudible, just as if he had been living not an indifferent life leading to death, but that very same life about which his mother had once whispered to him from her own lips, though he had lost her even in his memory.

In ten or twenty years' time another engineer would build a tower at the center of the world into which the workers of the whole world would move for eternal, joyous residence. Prushevsky could have already foreseen what a work of static mechanics, in the sense of art and purposefulness, could be placed at the center of the world, but he could not perceive ahead of time the structure of soul of the residents-to-be in the all-proletarian home being built now in the midst of that plain and all the more therefore he could not imagine the inhabitants of the future tower in the midst of the universal earth.

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