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Climate and Life by M.I. Budyko (Eds.)

By M.I. Budyko (Eds.)

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26 I SOLAR RADIATION AND ITS TRANSFORMATIONS At present, balance-meters are largely used in stationary observations at the meteorological stations of the USSR. Since the end of the 1950s, observations of radiation balance have been carried out at more than 100 stations of this country. In other countries, however, such observations are organized at a much smaller number of points, which restricts the possibilities of using the data from observations of radiation balance in climatological investigations.

Bearing in mind the fact that the sum of the surface run-off fw and underground run-off f, is equal to the total run-off f, we find that r = E + f + b. 32) can also be used for calculating the water balance in water bodies or in separate parts of them. In this case, the value offwill characterize the redistribution of water in a horizontal direction for the analyzed period in the water body itself and underlying layers of the ground (if there is any noticeable redistribution of moisture). Similarly, the value of b, if taken for the water body, is equal to the total change in water quantity in the reservoir itself, and underlying layers as well, if there is a noticeable change in moisture content.

Observ. 139. EOp3eHKOBa n. kl. (1965). 0 HeKOTOPbIX 3aKOHOMePHOCTRX Fi3MeHeHAff COCTaBJIRIOUIIlX PaAHaUHOHHOrO II TenJIOBOrO 6a~1aHcoBB rOpHbIX pakOHaX. TpyAbI n-0, Bbln. 179. Borzenkova, I. I. (1965). Some regular variations of the radiation- and heat-balance components in mountainous regions. Tr. GI. Geofiz. Obseru. 179, 186-198. 6-276. EYAbIKO M. M. (1946). MeTOnbI OnpeAeneHBR eCTeCTBeHHOr0 HcnapeHHR. MeTeoponornff u rnnponorm, J\E? 3. Budyko, M. I. (1946). Methods of determining natural evaporation.

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