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Clear Light of Bliss : The Practice of Mahamudra in by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

By Geshe Kelsang Gyatso

Inside we all lies a resource of countless bliss and compassion for others. The detailed equipment defined inside of Tantric Buddhism permit us to find this bliss for ourselves. The modern Tantric grasp, Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, explains step by step how we will generate a deeply peaceable and centred brain via harnessing the delicate power approach inside our personal physique. With this comfortable wisdom we will be able to discover our precise nature, wreck lack of information and agony at its root, and speedily develop into a resource of idea and gain for others.

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The four places at which these knots occur are, in ascending order, the navel channel wheel, the heart channel wheel, the throat channel wheel, and the crown channel wheel. At each of these places, except at the heart level, there is one twofold knot formed by a single coil of the right channel and a single coil of the left. As the right and left channels ascend to these places they coil around the central channel by crossing in front and then looping around it. They then continue upward to the level of the next knot.

Furthermore, in the root text of the Hevajra Tantra and its commentaries, it is stated that if we meditate on inner fire by holding the vase breath we should do so in. a peaceful manner. Finally, there is one more disadvantage of the forceful method that should be mentioned here. If we perform these meditations forcefully with much expectation, we may indeed be able to bring the winds into the central channel relatively quickly, but the amount of physical movement involved in this technique can prevent us from clearly recognizing even the first signs that occur as the winds dissolve into the central channel, and if we do not recognize the first signs we will not be able to recognize clearly the last sign, the clear light.

A description of this and the three other major channel wheels where knots occur is given in Chart 1. Chart 1 The Four Major Channel Wheel~ number of spokes colour direction of arching location name shape of centre crown great bliss wheel triangular thirty-two white downwards throat enjoyment wheel circular sixteen red heart Dharma wheel circular eight white downwards navel emanation wheel triangular sixty-four red upwards upwards These four channel wheels contain a total of 120 spokes. As for the remaining two major channel wheels, the channel wheel at the secret place has thirty-two red-coloured spokes arching downwards and the jewel channel wheel has eight white spokes arching upwards.

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