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Class Struggle and the Industrial Revolution: Early by John Foster

By John Foster

Category fight and the economic Revolution represents either a continuation of, and a stark distinction to, the remarkable culture of social historical past which has grown up in Britain within the final twenty years. Its use of subtle quantitative suggestions for the dissection of city social buildings will function a version for next learn employees. This paintings examines the impression of industrialization at the social improvement of the cotton production city of Oldham from 1790-1860; specifically how the adventure of business capitalism aided the formation of a coherent equipped mass category realization able through 1830 of controlling the entire very important organs of neighborhood executive within the city. it will be an invaluable research to any scholar of the commercial revolution.

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What had to be killed right from the start was any idea of basic conflict between master and servant. If legitimate conflict existed, it was rather with monopolists and speculators who rigged food prices. For most of the century this system was only too effective. For the period we are about to consider it could hardly have been worse. Within only a decade of building their first factories Oldham’s employers had been forced to put on army uniforms and use their sabres,55 and it will be argued here that the suddenness of this breakdown, far from being coincidental, stemmed directly from the inability of the old-style social structure to sustain the new pressures of industrial capitalism.

Up till then conflict had remained at least partly focused around prices and to this extent the old controls retained their force. In 1795, for instance, the magistrate Horton was able to do at least something to maintain establishment credibility by intervening in the INDUSTRIALIZATION AND SOCIETY 37 food riots. By the end of the decade the sheer persistence (and apparent inevitability) of rising prices had shifted attention decisively to the wages front—particularly in an industry like weaving where even money wages had fallen badly.

46 Luckily, the public activity of the two Oldham area congregations is at least partially on record, and (significantly) it is reported for the years of military defeat and crisis. Dob Lane had its part to play in the mass actions of the late 1750s. In 1757, at the time of the food riots, there were two sermons (later published) ‘on the great sin and danger of oppression: two sermons preached during the late high prices of corn’. And the manifesto issued by the striking check-weavers the following year has been attributed to the Dob Lane minister, Robinson.

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