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Ch'ing dynasty inscriptions at Lhasa by H. E. Richardson (Editor)

By H. E. Richardson (Editor)

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Nevertheless, in 1788, alleging Tibetan intransigence, they crossed the frontier and occupied several Tibetan districts. The Tibe­ tan government despatched a force which kept the Gorkhas in check; and a report was sent by the Ambans to the Emperor. According to Professor Cammann the D alai Lama sent an envoy to the M ogul Emperor Shah Alam, whose power had akeady been assumed by the East India Company. The statement seems to depend on a letter from the P a n ch w Lama to the 〇ov$rnor-Geneml o f India, quoted by Diskalkar, in which the writer - the letter is in Per­ sian - says that the D alai Lama had sent a messenger to the Rajah Jumlahwalla ”• This is taken by Camman to mean the 44 Raja on the Jumn_a ” but, the reference is to the Raja o f Jimila who had retained his independence after the M alla kings o f the Kathmandu valley were conquered by Prithvi Narayan, and was not subdued until 1788 (Tucd, Preliminary Report, p.

M ore resolute elements at Lhasa including the D alai Lama himself put a stop to such defeatist talk; but bK ra-shis IHun-po was aban­ doned to the invaders who looted it throughly. The Emperor was as badly served at the start o f the second invasion as he had been during the first. O -lm i incurred the Emperor’s rebuke by sending his colleague C h^ng-te to Tibet instead o f going himself; and when he did go there his thoughts ran on avoiding open conflict with the Gorkhas. Pa-chungs the third member o f the triumvirate which had patched up t t e shabby settlement in 1789, realizing that the facts would now be revealed, committed suicide thus allowing the other two eventually to lay all the blame on him.

Svayambhu) the Tibetan name for Kathmandu, is bsTan-dzin dPal-byor of rDo-ring, who was involved in negotiations with tt Gorkha from the start, was held by the Chinese to be partly responsible for the troub. and was takeo to China after the war. (Shakabpa p. 171). See p. 47 below. — 46 — and, although we had gained possession o f the whole country, since it is more than a thousand stages from our frontier with dBus and gTsang it would have been difficult to cultivate the land and look after it.

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