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Chicano Rap: Gender and Violence in the Postindustrial by Pancho McFarland

By Pancho McFarland

Powered via a riding beat, smart lyrics, and assertive attitudes, rap track and hip hop tradition have engrossed American early life because the mid-1980s. even though the 1st rappers have been African americans, rap and hip hop tradition speedy unfold to different ethnic teams who've additional their very own cultural parts to the song. "Chicano Rap" deals the 1st in-depth examine how Chicano/a formative years have followed and tailored rap song and hip hop tradition to specific their perspectives on gender and violence, in addition to on how Chicano/a adolescence healthy right into a globalizing world.Pancho McFarland examines over songs and seventy rap artists from the entire significant Chicano rap areas - San Diego, San Francisco and northern California, Texas, and Chicago and the Midwest. He discusses the cultural, political, old, and monetary contexts within which Chicano rap has emerged and the way those have formed the violence and misogyny frequently expressed in Chicano rap and hip hop. specifically, he argues that the misogyny and violence of Chicano rap are direct results of the 'patriarchal dominance paradigm' that governs human kinfolk within the usa. McFarland additionally explains how globalization, monetary restructuring, and the conservative shift in nationwide politics have affected Chicano/a adolescence and Chicano rap. He concludes with a glance at how Xicana feminists, a few Chicano rappers, and different cultural staff are striving to arrive Chicano/a adolescence with a democratic, peaceable, empowering, and releasing message.

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Women were not often the protagonists in corridos or later movement expressive culture, and when women occasionally entered the corrido narrative, it was almost exclusively as the saintly mother figure. The contributions women made to resisting Anglo domination were rarely the subject of Chicano movement art, corridos, or lowrider art. indb Sec1:19 4/1/08 12:39:10 PM 20 CHICANO RAP throughout Chicano expressive culture, which plays an important role in Chicano youth socialization. GANGSTA RAP Rap primarily serves young men of color.

A young boy learns to equate violence with normal male gender roles and nonviolence with abnormality and femininity (Jhally 1999). Violence on small and big screens has increased, and studies point out that this violence has been racialized. Maciel and Racho write (2000) that television and Hollywood overwhelmingly depict the Chicana/o experience as one of crime and drugs. Citing Gerbner’s studies of television programming, Escalante notes that 63 percent of Latino male characters were perpetrators or victims of violence (2000, 138).

The corrido became an important form of expressive culture in greater Mexican society as a result of a number of important conditions: (1) a ballad tradition handed down from the Spanish; (2) an adversarial relationship with the dominant Anglo society; (3) life in relative isolation from world events; (4) a strong oral tradition; (5) a patriarchal culture; and (6) a form of community-based “vernacular democracy” (Limón 1992, 19–20). -Mexican War led to an assault on the native Mexican way of life.

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