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Chenrezig, Lord of Love: Principles and Methods of Deity by Bokar Rinpoche, Dan Jorgensen, Christiane Buchet

By Bokar Rinpoche, Dan Jorgensen, Christiane Buchet

The Tibetan Buddhist practices of meditation are a part of the religious wealth of humanity. Chenrezig (Skt, Avalokiteshvara), the deity that represents the loving and compassionate capability of the brain, is the most well-liked deity of Tibet. Bokar Rinpoche (1940-2004) supplies specific directions for this tradition and addresses the troubles of Western practitioners in supplying the original teachings accrued during this ebook.

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1S an emanation of Chenrezig. as the Dalai Lamas would be later. - 33 - / / ," Thollsalld Arm Chenrezig / Although the palace of Chenrezig as an emanation is the celestial Potala, he also dwells in the Land of Bliss WI'wac/,ell). s to other pure lands. Consequently, at the end of meditation, one pra ys to be reborn in the Land of Bliss, The Land of Bliss and the Potala are in different places. The La nd of Bliss is in the west and extremely far away from our world while the Potala is in the south and much closer.

There the transmission of the dhamla does not happen th rough teachings that require speech and listening. The sambllogaknya simply manifests itself, and the bodhisattvas who compose its entourage of diSCiples understa nd the meaning of everything that needs to be transmitted . The lIirmallakaya is the manifestation of awakening in the d oma ins of ordinary existence to guide beings with an impure karma. For instance, Buddha Sakyamuni who came to earth, turned the wheel of dhtlrma, and by that allowed beings to enter the path of liberation.

Whil~ this manifestation occu rs, it is, however, emp ty, d evoid of any mate rial reality or ind ependent t:' ntity. Th is emptiness is the pha se of completion. The two phases are present Si multaneo usly. 1nces are em pty and even though empty, they still occu r. This is the uni on of manifestation and emptiness. When we visualize Chenrezig, we clearly see his fa ce, ,wns, jewels, and the different colors; this is the pha se of crea tion. At the sa me time, Chenrez ig is without material exis tence; this is the p hase of completion.

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