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Chemical Bonds (Essential Chemistry) by Phillip Manning

By Phillip Manning

Examines the character of the chemical bonds, answering basic questions about how they shape, how they're damaged, and the way they assist outline existence as we all know it.

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The electron configuration of molybdenum, atomic number 42, is written [Kr]5s1 4d5. Thus, molybdenum has the electron configuration of krypton plus one electron in the 5s orbital and five in 4d orbitals. The electron configurations of all the elements are shown on pages 106 and 107. Getting Together 43 Electronegativity Electronegativity is a periodic feature of the elements that is almost the exact opposite of ionization energy. Ionization energy is a measure of how hard it is to remove an electron from an atom, while electronegativity is a measure of the tendency of an atom to attract electrons.

A new quantum property and number were needed to explain spectral splitting. At the time, the electron was considered a particle, and scientists called this new property spin, usually designated as ms. The spin quantum number can have only two possible values, +1/2 or –1/2. It is usually depicted as an arrow pointing either up or down. The spin quantum number brings up a question. What physical features of the atom do the quantum numbers represent? 3 2p and 3d orbital shapes numbers originated.

The resulting bond is called an ionic bond. As was the case when potassium chloride was compared to carbon tetrachloride, the nature of the bond between two ­ atoms—­ionic in potassium chloride or covalent in carbon Getting Together 45 Chemical Anthropomorphism Anthropomorphism is the attribution of ­human-­like behavior to creatures and things that are not human. ” Sure, the turtle’s head was retracted, but how did the clerk know it was shy? Maybe pull-­ ing its head in was simply a ­turtle-­like thing to do and had no significance at all.

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