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Chanting the Names of Manjusri: The Manjusri-Nama-Samgiti, by Alex Wayman

By Alex Wayman

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44:· Maiijusri and Sarasvati, Yab-yum (no permission available). ala ofthe "Mirrorlike Wisdom" chapter. Vadiraj (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, I9, 2 I, 39), for the ma7J4ala of the "Sameness Wisdom" chapter. Arapacana (8, 9, IO, 11, 18, 36, 38), for the maTJ4ala of the "Pure Dharmadhatu Wisdom" chapter. Alimanmatha (25, 27) and Maiijuvajra (33, 37), for the maTJ4ala of the "Procedure-of-Duty Wisdom" chapter. Namasarpgiti Maiijusri (32, 42), for the maTJ4ala of the "Great Vajradhatu" chapter. Dharmadhatu-Vagisvara (I4, 15, 17), for the maTJ4ala of the "Net of Illusion" chapter.

The word upadhi occurs several times in the Buddhist Sanskrit-Tibetan dictionary Mahiivyutpatti, always rendered by phun po, in the sense of the personal aggrq~ates (skandha), but in one place it is rendered in addition as non mons pa and never as Ius ("body"). " The other two commentators, Narendrakirti and Smrti, list the possibilities of bodies. We cannot say that the non mons and /hag ma readings are wrong. O hy anutpiido. " Both the Derge Kanjt,Ir and the Narendrakirti commentary agree that it begins srog chen po ste.

No mention is made of three heads, so it might be the form de Mallmann states 15 as popular in Nepal by S. Levi's description: the four hands carry the sword, arrow, book, and bow; and there is just one face. Later in Bu-ston's text (f. ala I count as Nos. 1 and 2. Is there some way of justifying the Maiijusri name Prajiiajiianamiirti (Insight-Wisdom Body)? As told in Mkhas-grub-rje's work, the Buddhas of the ten directions bestowed on Sakyamuni the third initiation (or consecration) called Prajiiajiiana; then they revealed the steps of Abhisarnbodhi.

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