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Cell Death by Lawrence M. Schwartz and Barbara A. Osborne (Eds.)

By Lawrence M. Schwartz and Barbara A. Osborne (Eds.)

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20a and b). Determining whether a particular body is still extracellular or has been phagocytosed is sometimes difficult using a light microscope. Bodies that have been taken up by large, faintly stained macrophages may appear, at first sight, to lie within clear spaces (see Fig. 20f; compare with Fig. 10). Such large, apoptotic-body-laden phagocytic cells that occur in lymphoid germinal centers have long been referred to as tingible body macrophages. The shrinkage of cells that inevitably takes place during the preparation of paraffin blocks frequently results in the development of spaces around extracellular apoptotic bodies; this artifact tends to make these bodies stand out in paraffin sections (Fig.

The mechanism of T cell mediated cytotoxicity 11. Morphological studies of cell death by time-lapse microcinematography. Proc. R . London B 192, 241-255. Schwartz, L. , Smith, S. , Jones, M. E. , and Osborne, B. A. (1993). Do all programmed cell deaths occur via apoptosis? Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 90, 980-984. Sheridan, J. , Bishop, C. , and Simmons, R. J. (1981). Biophysical and morphological correlates of kinetic change and death in a starved human melanoma cell line. J . Cell Sci. 49, 119-137.

If a knowledge of specimen orientation is required, a strip of tissue approximately 4 x 1 x 1 mm may be cut. The freshly cut samples are then transferred to a specimen bottle containing fresh fixative and immersed for 2-4 hr. 3. Further Processing of Specimens Cell pellets or tissue blocks are further processed for electron microscopic examination as detailed in Table I. Whereas blocks are conveniently processed in small glass vials, cell pellets are best processed in microcentrifuge tubes. Centrifugation to reform the pellet may be necessary before each decantation of fluid.

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