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Catalytic Hydrogenation Over Platinum Metals by Paul N. Rylander

By Paul N. Rylander

Catalytic Hydrogenation over Platinum Metals

summary: Catalytic Hydrogenation over Platinum Metals

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Another modification in hydrogenation of cholesterol was the use of cyclohexane-acetic acid solvent, which prevented catalyst deactivation through crystallization of the hydrogenation products (Nace, 1951). Alcohol solvents and aldehydes are apt to interact during catalytic hydro­ genation to afford acetals. Very small a m o u n t s of ferrous chloride, in iron* In other work, ester exchange occurred over platinum oxide but not over platinum oxideon-silicic acid (Ackman and Burgher, 1964). VI. SOLVENTS 49 promoted platinum oxide catalysts, caused heptaldehyde in 9 5 % ethanol to interact with liberation of heat, and the reductions ceased at 8 0 % of completion.

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