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Car stereo cookbook: how to design, choose, and install car by Mark Rumreich

By Mark Rumreich

Данная книга является оазисом знаний в области автозвука.В ней вы найдете полезные советы и доступные решения для создания первоклассной звуковой системы для вашего авто.


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24 CHAPTER TWO FIGURE 2-15 Soldering iron— 12 volts. ) FIGURE 2-16 Soldering iron— butane. ) FIGURE 2-17 Ratcheting offset screwdriver. ) CONNECTORS, SUPPLIES, TOOLS, AND TECHNIQUES 25 FIGURE 2-18 Hollow-shaft nutdrivers. ) items, so Torx drivers are good to have around the house. Unlike with flat or Phillips screws, you must have exactly the right size driver for the screw. The most common sizes are T10, T15, T20, T25, T27, T30, and T40. T50 is needed for some seat belt bolts. To economize, you can buy a Torx key set for as little as $5.

Periodically “tin” the tip of the soldering iron by coating it with solder and brushing off the excess with a cloth until it is smooth and silvery. Always heat the connection, not the solder. Use the side of the soldering iron tip near the point, not the point itself, to heat the connection. This allows more heat to flow from the tip into the connection. A proper solder joint is smooth and silvery, not rough and gray. Rough and gray joints are called cold joints because not enough heat was used to melt the solder.

2-15) plugs into your cigarette lighter socket. It lets you solder in your car without having to use an extension cord. Butane soldering irons (Fig. 2-16) start at about $30. They refill using standard butane lighter fuel. Butane models are nice because they can solder where there is no power of any kind and they don’t have a cord to get in your way. They also can be used with optional tips such as a hot knife (for cutting plastic) and a hot blower (perfect for shrinking heat-shrink tubing or tape).

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