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Build Your Own PC Recording Studio by John Chappell

By John Chappell

This ebook is much old-fashioned now.
but there are no present books, and there are not any strong books.

like so much books in this topic it doesn't concentrate on one element and do it fairly well.

if you will have a mishmash of loads of stuff and none of it tremendous adequate to exploit then purchase nearly any publication in this topic.

if you utilize the explicit setup the publication does then this would be a truly strong ebook for you. but when you utilize different apparatus then you definately wont get that a lot out of it.

you can study extra by means of googling for tutorials on belongings you need to know and analyzing many of the domestic recording notebook track boards on the internet.

i could recommend you visit the library and skim all of the books at the shelf rather than purchasing any books in this subject. then with a few history you could google to fill within the holes.

warning - no web site or e-book particularly explains the bullstuff midi terminology that will get thrown round in books on recording. no longer everyone makes use of midi. and should you do, you wont comprehend it from the books or web content that by no means clarify what these phrases particularly suggest within the means of features that get performed instead of being summary names tossed on software program which are inherited from the previous days of midi yet that are illogical and meaningless at the present time.

midi and recordign may be stored separate. yet too many books scramble them jointly and make issues much more complicated to noobs.

controllers dont keep watch over - they input notes to be obvious on a score
patches dont patch - they're a codename for sounds to exploit in playback
trackers dont tune - they may checklist - based who used the word
loopers used to loop - who understands what that software program fairly does now
DAW? trap all be aware for whatever and everything
sequencers dont series - they list and playback midi stuff
you identify it, the terminology is completely bogus and deceptive and no-one explains what's rather occurring.

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By a monitor card). Figure 1-5 shows a view of the computer’s back-panel PCI slots and a typical card inserted into one of them. Figure 1-5 The back panel of a tower computer, showing three PCI slots, the bottom one occupied by a soundcard sporting a 25-pin DIN port (with a trapezoid shape) plus two RCA (or coaxial) digital S/PDIF jacks PCMCIA PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association) is the laptop computer’s high-speed data-throughput answer to the desktop’s PCI slot. One of the PCMCIA slot’s more common uses is for hooking up a network card, but in music and audio applications, manufacturers will often make interfaces that connect through a card that plugs into this slot.

PC The debate regarding “Windows vs. Mac” gets a lot of attention because the two computer platforms are natural business competitors and because users tend to learn and use one and not the other and therefore develop a certain brand loyalty. But as far as music production is concerned, both are virtually equal in power and usability, and many software programs are written cross-platform, which means the same program is available for both Windows and Mac (much like Microsoft’s business software suite, Office), and files created by one can be opened by the other.

For modern CD drives, you have a choice of CD-RW or the more expensive DVD burners (also called DVD-RAM drives), which include the ability to burn in the CD-R and CD-RW formats. vp Monday, March 31, 2003 1:52:08 PM Color profile: Generic CMYK printer profile Composite Default screen Build8 / Build Your Own PC Recording Studio/ Chappell / 2904-7 / Chapter 1 20 Chapter 1 numbers separated by slashes, as in 24/10/40. Here’s how to read that notation: The CD-R rate (burning a write-once CD) is at 24× (24 times speed), the CD-RW rate (burning a rewriteable CD) is at 10×, and the CD read rate is at 40×.

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