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Brittany and angevins. Province & Empire 1158-1203 by J. A. Everard

By J. A. Everard

It is a political background of Brittany among 1158 and 1203, while it used to be governed by means of the Angevin king of britain, Henry II, and his successors. The e-book examines the method wherein Henry II received sovereignty over Brittany, and the way it used to be ruled thereafter. this is often the 1st examine of this topic, providing a tremendous contribution to the historiography of either Brittany and the "Angevin empire". It additionally bargains a corrective to earlier scholarship by means of suggesting that the Angevin regime in Brittany used to be neither alien nor opppressive to the Bretons.

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50 From the turn of the twelfth century, Brittany was at the forefront in the growth of the new religious orders. Initially, the forests which formed the marches of Brittany, Normandy and Maine attracted hermits and ascetic communities. The abbey of Savigny was founded there under the patronage of the lords of FougeÁres. Ralph I de FougeÁres also offered property to Bernard, the founder of Tiron, but apparently 48 49 50 CheÂdeville and Tonnerre, Bretagne feÂodale, pp. 239±54; L. MaõÃtre, `Le situation du dioceÁse de Nantes au XIe et au XIIe sieÁcles', AB 26 (1910±11), 489±518; G.

In view of the circumstances outlined above, Nantes was culturally more akin to Anjou than to Armorican Brittany. At the same time, the county of Nantes was extremely attractive to the counts of Anjou, for both strategic and ®nancial reasons. From the point-of-view of the Angevin heartland, the fact that Nantes controlled the mouth of the Loire made it important that it should be under the political control of the count of Anjou,73 whether directly or indirectly. It is not so remarkable, then, that in 1156 a cadet of the comital family of Anjou became count of Nantes and was accepted by the populace.

69±75. 13 Brittany and the Angevins Brieuc and TreÂguier were controlled by the lords of PenthieÁvre, who, throughout the period of the Dol dispute, maintained a policy of independence from the dukes of Brittany. The decision of their bishops to support the archbishop of Dol, contrary to ducal policy, was a manifestation of their dependence upon the lords of PenthieÁvre. 48 By the twelfth century, though, the reform movement began to take effect. Bishops from outside Brittany were appointed, such as the Angevin Marbod, bishop of Rennes (1093±1123), and Baldric of Bourgeuil, archbishop of Dol (1107±30).

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