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Britannica Illustrated Science Library Reptiles And by Inc. Encyclopaedia Britannica

By Inc. Encyclopaedia Britannica

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The Deadliest Weapon LENGTHWISE The venom flows through Entrance the tube and directly into the prey. Naja naja It is the typical cobra, which bites to inject its venom. Small fangs in the front of the jaw, fixed in position and with a rear groove for conducting venom C OPISTHOGLYPHS Fangs in the back, with no canal or groove. The prey must be held in place. The canal's opening points forward and is narrow so that it can eject the venom more forcefully. 76 TURTLES AND SNAKES REPTILES AND DINOSAURS 77 Cobras MONOCLED COBRA Naja kaouthia re an important group of snakes in the family Elapidae.

Legs and Tail fold upward and are brought inside. A Turtle's Age SHELL Made of shieldlike plates Counting the successive hornlike plates that grow on the shell each year allows us to determine a turtle's age. CRESTED Alligator Snapping Turtle On Solid Ground Hermann's Tortoise Testudo hermanni PLASTRON Underside of the shell Land-dwelling species have the bestprotected legs because they are covered by large scales. They also have the most dome-shaped shells. Many species have front legs that are adapted for digging deep burrows, which serve as a shelter in inclement weather and protect them from threats from other species.

They lay eggs but make their nests on solid ground, and they have an interesting system for choosing the spot where their young will be born—they return to the same spot where they, themselves, were born. S 1,500 Habitat GREEN SEA TURTLE Chelonia mydas Habitat Tropical and Subtropical Waters Diet Herbivorous Length Up to 39 inches (100 cm) Life Span 50 years (estimated) pounds (680 kg) Breathing from their feeding areas, which can be several hundred or even several thousand miles from their nesting sites.

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