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Britannica Illustrated Science Library Birds by Inc. Encyclopaedia Britannica

By Inc. Encyclopaedia Britannica

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COMMON KINGFISHER (also known as European Kingfisher) Alcedo attlis THE BILL OF AN IBIS is long and thin, ideal to stick in the mud to look for food. 7 cm) 16 in (40 cm) White-Fronted Goose Anser albifrons Shovel-Shaped Bill: Typical of many ducks. The size varies. HOW THEY USE THEIR FEET TO SWIM A duck moves its feet in two ways. To advance, it spreads out its toes and uses its webbed feet to row. It closes the toes to bring the foot forward again. If the bird wants to turn, only one foot pushes to the side.

The yolk is held in the middle of the white (albumin) by a protein cord that isolates it from the outside world. It depends on the pressure exerted by the oviduct walls. The large end emerges first. EMBRYO PROTEIN CORD (CHALAZA) Oval: The most frequent Conical: Prevents falling Formed by a solid layer of calcium carbonate (calcite), it has pores that make it possible for the chick to breathe. Bacteria are kept out by two membranes that cover the egg, one on the inside and the other on the outside.

CLASS ORDER FAMILY FALCONIFORMES 295 SPECIES Condors, Buzzards, Eagles, Vultures, and Falcons Living birds are distributed among a wide variety of habitats. They can be found in aquatic (freshwater or marine) and aero-terrestrial environments. Marine birds live on cliffs, on islands, or in mangrove swamps. They are excellent fishers, and they use seashores or crannies between rocks as refuges for nesting. In freshwater bodies, such as rivers and streams, ducks feed on plants and surface microorganisms.

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