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Bounded rationality and politics by Jonathan Bendor

By Jonathan Bendor

In Bounded Rationality and Politics, Jonathan Bendor considers colleges of behavioral economics--the first guided through Tversky and Kahneman's paintings on heuristics and biases, which specializes in the blunders humans make in judgment and selection; the second one as defined through Gerd Gigerenzer's software on speedy and frugal heuristics, which emphasizes the effectiveness of easy ideas of thumb. discovering every one of those radically  Read more...

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Wildavsky’s budgetary theory became identified with incrementalism. This was partly due to polemics: much of the critical attention focused on this part of the argument. 17 This is a necessary price of any formalization, but in this case the price was steep: DDW’s quantitative models reinforced the perception that the empirical generalization about local search, or worse, local outcomes, was the theory’s central claim. Thus Wildavsky, a brilliant fox, was turned by critics—and by some of his own replies to criticism— into an apparent hedgehog.

Reflects a misunderstanding of the role and significance of these constraints. As Simon remarked (1979b, p. 498), a scholar often has a choice. If he or she assumes that the decision maker’s Is there a problem ? No (Satisfaction relevant here) Shift attention to other arenas. What is the problem? ) What should we do about the problem? Is there an off-the-shelf solution in memory? (March and Simon’s “performance programs”) Yes Implement. Search Evaluate (Satisfaction relevant here) Figure 1. Cognitively constrained decision making.

Work in the Simonian tradition on problem solving in difficult tasks rarely cites T-K studies. 14 It is strange: Simon, known for his pioneering work on behavioral theories of choice, is now rarely cited in surveys on behavioral decision theory. (For two exceptions to this pattern, see Abelson and Levi 1985 and Slovic et al. 1988. ) By “decision making,” the literature apparently means behavior in simple choice environments. If the task is complex, it is given over to the field of problem solving.

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