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Bon Po Hidden Treasures: A Catalogue of Gter Ston Bde Chen by Jean-Luc Achard

By Jean-Luc Achard

New Bon offers to turn into a major concentration of curiosity between educational Tibetologists within the coming years. This targeted, first-ever English-language quantity on Tibet’s New Bon faith (14th century onwards) includes the whole catalogue of the accumulated rediscovered teachings published through bDe chen gling pa, an enormous Bon po grasp of the second one a part of the nineteenth century in jap Tibet. Belonging to a later interval of improvement in the quite a few lineages of recent Bon, bDe chen gling stands as a vital hyperlink among this practice and that of the Ris med circulation of the past due nineteenth century. The annotated catalogue of the 13 quantity assortment more often than not covers tantric and rDzogs chen (Great Perfection) texts slightly recognized open air local libraries.

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The present text rGyab 8 These are ’Phrul gshen snang ldan, bZang za ring btsun and ’Chi med gtsug phud. 9 I reserve the use of Father Tantras and Mother Tantras to the expressions pha rgyud and ma rgyud respectively. Here pho rgyud and mo rgyud are apparently understood as being synonymous with pha rgyud and ma rgyud.   [] 17 skyor srog gi thig le is itself mentioned on p. 5 as being a complementary text to the gSang rgyud dug mtsho khol ma, together with the Man ngag klu bdud zhags pa (text no.

A composition of bDe chen gling pa written in 1858, at the behest of his disciple sTag zhig Pu rad rdor rdzas (zhang skad for Tibetan Nor bu rdo rje), in the Joy Grove (dGa’ ba’i tshal) of Kong po. 13. [Da] ’ Jigs byed gshin rje khros pa’i gsang rgyud dug mtsho khol ma las byung ba’i las rim phung byed nag po lag tu len pa’i phyag bzhes rdo rje phreng ba a. 1–51. b. phyag bzhes. c. yung drung bstan pa ’brug grags pa des sa yos ’bras ldan zla ba’i dkar phyogs dga’ ba dang po’i tshes bzang por sug bris bgyis pas rgyal ba mnyam med gshen rab mi bo’i bstan pa rin po che phyogs dus kun tu dar zhing rgyas pa’i rgyu ru gyur cig/sarba dza yantu/mangga lam/.

Yung drung rgyal mtshan. 38. [Tha] rTsa rlung thun mong ’khrul ’khor thar pa’i gru gzing: a. 135–136. b. ’khrul ’khor. c. mi ’gyur gsang sngags grags pas yongs rdzong dpal gyi phug nas dge/bkra shis/. d. A short text on the practice of ordinary yantras (’khrul ’khor) revealed by bDe chen gling pa in Yongs rdzong Cave in Kong po.   [] 23 39. [Da] bCud len zag med bdud rtsi ’bum ’dzag: a. 136–140. b. bcud len. c. ces gsang sngags grags pas kong yul nas drangs te spel ba’o/sarba mangga lam/.

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