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Bibliotheca Hagiographica Graeca (BHG), Vol. II: Ioannes by Halkin, Francois

By Halkin, Francois

«Bibliotheca hagiographica graeca « представляет собой каталог греческих агиографических материалов, в том числе древних литературных произведений о жизни святых, расположенных в алфавитном порядке.

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As a fiction writer, I found specific suggestions for additions almost always unwelcome. This was my manuscript, my story, and changes had to come from me. Editorial relationships can withstand many pressures as long as they are not coercive. Writers who have negative comments about their editors often cite power struggles over ownership of the material as the locus of the problem. One young novelist described sitting down for his first editorial meeting (after the contract had been signed) only to be told by his new editor that “everyone in the company agrees” that if a certain character died then the book won’t work.

During contract negotiations for Alice, I Think I was not offered and did not ask for an advance. My logic, based on my experience working in a small press environment, was that I’d prefer any monies allotted to the book be spent on promotion and marketing. If the book sold any copies at all, I’d prefer to receive royalties than pay back what would most likely have been a very modest advance. This approach would be almost unheard of in a large press environment and is not all that customary with small presses, where token advances are often negotiated.

At the 30-year-old press, which specializes in how-to books, I got an intensive education in many areas of publishing, and gained a profound appreciation for the plight of small publishers and an understanding that, for many, the business is a labour of love that is poorly paid in terms of financial reward and appreciation. I spent five of my seven years at the company as a non-fiction editor and during that period became fascinated with author-editor relations. The relationship between editors and writers can be a source of great satisfaction, but at other times it can be trouble-filled and fraught with tension.

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