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Bhagavad Gita (Penguin Clásicos) by Anonymous

By Anonymous

Los mejores libros jamás escritos. Un diálogo entre el dios y el hombre que muestra los caminos de los angeles acción, l. a. devoción y el conocimiento de Oriente. «Todos los seres nacen en los angeles ilusión, l. a. ilusión de l. a. división procedente del deseo y el odio.»

Este texto forma parte del libro VI del Mahabharata, y fue escrito probablemente en los siglos I o II a.C. No se conocen sus autores. Se presenta como un diálogo entre Arjuna y Krisna, en el campo de batalla, justo cuando va a empezar los angeles guerra entre los Pandaras y los Kauravas. El miedo a los angeles batalla inicia un diálogo a través del cual se traza una sinopsis del pensamiento y experiencia religiosa de los angeles India, que aglutina los caminos de los angeles acción, los angeles devoción y el conocimiento.

A Juan Mascaró se debe una de las traducciones más célebres de los angeles Bhagavad Gita, que aquí presentamos en versión castellana de José Manuel Abeleira frente al sánscrito original.

Mahatma Gandhi dijo...
«Cuando las dudas me persiguen, cuando l. a. desilusión me mira fijamente a l. a. cara y no veo ningún rayo de esperanza en el horizonte, me dirijo hacia Bhagavad Gita y busco un verso que me reconforte.»

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Kings in ancient India kept stables of elephants, which formed their heavy artillery in military campaigns. Kings often traveled on elephants in ceremonial processions, and in general elephants were considered an important indication of royal authority. 12 To ensure the kings' beneficial influence, it was probably important for them to keep several elephants for their power to bring fertilizing rains. In the king and the elephant, then, are brought together two central themes in the imagery of Sri-Laksmi, royal authority and fertility.

While Visnu, as the mighty king of heavenly Vaikuntha*, may seem so awesome and transcendent as to be all but unapproachable to the lowly devotee, Sri provides an aspect of the divine that is eminently approachable. In this role as mediator she considerably softens the Sri Vaisnava vision of the divine and allows feelings of intimacy and warmth to pervade the devotee's devotional moods toward the divine. It should be noted that in Sri Vaisnavism the goddess is still renowned for bestowing all good things.

Visnu is considered the divine king par excellence. He is described as dwelling in a heavenly court, Vaikuntha*, and he is depicted iconographically as a mighty king. 2009 10:51:31] page_28 < previous page page_28 next page > Page 28 dharmic order. This he does by means of his various avataras *, who intervene in the world from time to time to combat the forces of disorder. Visnu*, however, is also present wherever righteous kings rule and maintain order. 37 We noted earlier that kings cannot rule without the authority that is bestowed by Sri*.

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