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Beyond Words: Dzogchen Made Simple by Julia Lawless

By Julia Lawless

Introduces the perform of Dzogchen with out requiring readers to understand whatever approximately Tibetan historical past or tradition.

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The Buddha observed that we experience many problems as a result of our passions or emotions, so in the Sutra system these are considered 'poisons' and an individual agrees to follow a strict code of rules to prevent themselves from being contaminated by these 'poisons'. This is the code of the Vinaya followed by monks, nuns and other practitioners following basic Sutra teachings. The idea is that by avoiding or eliminating the factors in our lives which inflame our feelings or fuel our emotions, we don't experience the same kind of problems.

The energy of the emotions is therefore valuable as each emotion has the inherent potential to be transformed into its respective quality of wisdom. At the centre of the vajra is a small round ball, which represents our primordial potentiality, or our real nature, which is the state beyond limitation, the condition beyond the duality of the two extremes. In this state, an individual is no longer conditioned by their passions, because the real nature of things is beyond any kind of concept of pure or impure, good or bad, for 22 THE BUDDHA'S TEACHINGS it is beyond duality.

By fixing the attention on the breath or on an external object, such as a candle or an image, the mind naturally begins to become calmer and more transparent. When the movements of the mind become still, then it can be compared to the placid surface of a pool where the water is so clear that you can see right beneath the surface and into the depths. A natural result of observing the mind is that we gain greater insight into its unconscious contents, which are not so apparent when we are immersed in our daily activities.

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