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Battlefield Acoustics by Thyagaraju Damarla

By Thyagaraju Damarla

This ebook offers all facets of situational wisdom utilizing acoustic indications. It begins by way of offering the technological know-how in the back of figuring out and interpretation of sound indications. The ebook then is going directly to offer quite a few sign processing suggestions utilized in acoustics to discover the path of sound resource, localize gunfire, music autos and realize humans. the required mathematical historical past and diverse type and fusion thoughts are offered. The booklet comprises majority of the issues one would have to approach acoustic signs for all elements of situational know-how in a single position. The booklet additionally provides array concept, that is pivotal to find the course of arrival of acoustic indications. moreover, the publication provides ideas to fuse the knowledge from a number of homogeneous/heterogeneous sensors for higher detection. MATLAB code is equipped for majority of the true program, that's a necessary source in not just figuring out the idea yet readers may also use the code as a spring-board to advance their very own program established software program code.

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