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Babylon 5: The Psi Corps and You! by Tim DeHaas

By Tim DeHaas

In a Psi Corps pamphlet, the nature Diane Matthews provides the paintings of the Psi Corps on Babylon five. She additionally offers a historical past lesson concerning the founding of the Corps and what you want to do in case you discover being a telepath.

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Babylon 5: The Psi Corps and You!

In a Psi Corps pamphlet, the nature Diane Matthews offers the paintings of the Psi Corps on Babylon five. She additionally offers a historical past lesson concerning the founding of the Corps and what you have to do when you observe being a telepath.

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That side of the mountain had kilometers of black sandy beaches covered with ancient lava stones. Even before Ares had become the new Separatist Nation, the Earth colonists had chosen the area as an ideal resort location. That side of the mountain was as much like Mauna Kea in Hawaii as any volcano mankind had discovered. At the shore were condominiums and resorts that spread across the beaches. The south-side beaches were the most relaxed culture in the entire nation, and clothing—along with most morals—was definitely optional.

The New Tharsis Peninsula environment encompassed everything from extremely high mountains to tropical rain forests, all within the confines of one Virginia-size peninsula. The area had been a haven for planetary ecologists and biologists when it had first been discovered over a century before. S. history, Sienna Madira. Elle always got a smile from that as only a handful of humans alive knew the truth about Sienna Madira. Madira had indeed led the American forces to squash the Martian secession movements and forced them into the Reservation.

Ma'am, I've got an urgent alert from the spaceport at Madira Valley Beach, her AIC interrupted just as Scotty let go. His body shook, and he exhaled forcefully three times. With each exhale, he dug his fingernails down Elle's back, leaving light pink scratches in her pale epidermis. Then he relaxed his neck muscles and let his head fall back onto the bed, followed by a final grunt of ecstasy. Elle's DTM virtual sphere kicked alive with alerts and other distracting data. "Unhh," she moaned and shivered a final time, and then as if someone had thrown a switch, immediately snapped out of the mood and into Elle Ahmi, Separatist Leader mode.

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