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Baby Of Shame by Julia James

By Julia James

They might had one evening of scrumptious excitement however it have been destroyed. Now Greek mogul Alexis Petrakis has found that their shame-filled evening created anything beautiful...a child that he'll do whatever to reclaim...

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She could see it in his eyes. See the gold flecks deep within. See the intent in them. The very, very clear intent. Her lips parted, taking in breath. Instantly she could see his eyes narrow, that edge of tension tauten through him. She had to move—but she was frozen. Completely frozen. Waiting. Helpless. He stopped in front of her. She could feel his presence, invading hers. Catch the male musk coming from him, overlaid by the spiced notes of expensive aftershave. He was looking down at her, out of those obsidian night-dark eyes, and she couldn’t move—couldn’t move.

All that was needed now was his most honed negotiation skill. Rhianna Davies held the key to his son—he had to find a way to turn it. And his emotions—seething, swirling like a black inky pit inside him—were only going to get in the way of doing so. Ruthlessly, he schooled himself. Time for finesse now, not the indulgence of emotion. Regaining control, he let his eyes rest on her appalled expression. He brought to the forefront of his mind what he had concluded her long-term plan was to be. Obviously Rhianna Davies had kept his son from him quite deliberately, so she must have been biding her time, planning on producing him at a time of her choosing, when she would gain the greatest advantage from the disclosure.

I’ve done my best, but he’s just not responding. Poor little mite,’ she finished, her distracted manner softening suddenly. She walked in past Alexis and went up to a large armchair half hidden in this small room by the open door. Alexis felt his head turn to follow her as if it were filled with lead. Crouching down, rebalancing the infant on her hip slightly to do so, she said in a gentler voice, ‘Hello, pet. ’ She ruffled the hair of the small child curled into the confines of the armchair, a battered teddy clutched tightly to him.

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