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Audio Circuits and Projects by Graham Bishop (auth.)

By Graham Bishop (auth.)

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An alternative method uses three remote controlled potent iometers whose distances from the circuit are un important . The big advantage of this circuit is that the control can be isolated from the signal, thereby avoiding noisy controls and long coax ial cables from amplifier to volume control. 16 Electronic tone control 54 I Audio Projects co a OV ~ irl co ~ input output a """ M M 3-15V OV f ig. 2 Icl 76 dB genera I purpo se amp lif ier cD input output ... 17 co"""::>. 8IJ J!! 2 k 2,2 k 180k 15k BC108 BC108 220k lOOp lOOk BC108 10}J 2.

This circu it introduces considerable loss in gain and should be preceded or followed by a preamplifier. A variation of ±20 dB is possible with each control. (d) Crystal pick-up amplifier with a gain of 9 and necessary frequency compensation . (e) Low frequency amplifier to give bass boost to any circuit . The loss in bass frequencies of many small bookshelf loudspeakers can be corrected by placing this circuit into the appropriate preamplifier; the boost is about 5 dB at 50 Hz, the base bias being formed from the negative supply to the transistor emitter.

The feedback capacitor deceives the input into thinking that the input impedance is much higher than it is; it works very well. 2e has a very low noise figure because of the large amount of feedback used. This can be made even lower if BC549 and BC547 transistors are used for the first and second stages respectively, along with metal film resistors. An input of 4 mV will produce an output of 820 mV; 50 mV will produce 10 V. 5 V dry cell which makes it perfect for inclusion in the case of a microphone or distant source.

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