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Asteroids and Meteorites: Catastrophic Collisions With Earth by Timothy Kusky

By Timothy Kusky

Asteroids and comets are area gadgets that orbit the solar. This e-book examines the numerous craters in the world that experience shaped due to meteorites or asteroids crashing into the planet, excavating large holes and wreaking common destruction at the panorama.

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46 asteroids aNd meteorites Photo example of complex impact crater on the Moon. This oblique view shows the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Crater 302 on the Moon surface, photographed by the Apollo 10 astronauts in May 1969. Note the terraced walls of the crater and central cone. Center point coordinates are located at 162 degrees, 2 minutes east longitude and 10 degrees, 1 minute, south latitude (NASA) remains fall to Earth as a tiny glassy sphere of rock. Smaller particles, known as cosmic dust, escape the effects of friction and slowly fall to Earth as a slow rain of extraterrestrial dust.

The remote sensing studies of asteroids reveal that they have a diverse range of compositions, and match closely the range of meteorite compositions found on Earth. In this way, some meteorites have been matched to remnants of their parent bodies in the asteroid belt. For instance, asteroid 4 Vesta has the same composition as and is thought to be the largest remnant of the parent body for the howardite, eucrite, and diogenite classes of achondrites. There is a gradual change in the composition of asteroids with distance from the Sun.

Indd 33 10/20/08 5:21:20 PM 34 asteroids aNd meteorites that formed at the coldest temperatures. To explain this, scientists have suggested that the rocky material that makes up the comet formed in the inner solar system during the early history of the solar system, and were then ejected to the outer bounds of the solar system beyond the orbit of Neptune, where the icy material was accreted to the comet. Calcium-Aluminum Inclusions, that represent some of the oldest, highest temperature parts of the early solar system were also collected from the comet.

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