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API Std 1164 SCADA Security, First Edition by API

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Alternate, manual processing methods shall be identified and documented in the plan for continuing operations while the environment is being recovered. --`,,,,,`,````,,,,`````,`,``,,``-`-`,,`,,`,`,,`--- 30 API STANDARD 1164 In-place/ Required/ Not Needed Business Continuity Planning (Continued) The plan shall include, but not be limited to, provisions for a contingency facility and hardware equipment. The contingency facility should be a fully operational facility configured to the reporting unit’s specifications.

3 Casual User Access to Network Unauthorized workstations should be prohibited from connecting to the network. Unused network ports should be disabled. , should only be enabled when necessary and approved using strong authenticated. These measures should require enhanced cyber security measures to compensate for the absence of physical security. When feasible, additional industry best practices for secure remote connectivity should be considered. 5 Dial-up Modem Access for Maintenance --`,,,,,`,````,,,,`````,`,``,,``-`-`,,`,,`,`,,`--- Any dial-up modem used for maintenance purposes should require enhanced security.

The use of superuser/administrative accounts that are not uniquely assigned to an individual shall be limited to only those situations absolutely necessary to maintain pipeline operations. Complexity rules shall be implemented within the operating system functionality. If a system has no password complexity functionality (or it is insufficient), then a password filter or other compensating control shall be implemented. General users and administrators: — password expiration: 90 days, — eight (8) character minimum length, — passwords shall be composed of a combination of letters and numbers and can include symbols, Service account (host-to-host data transfer accounts): — password expiration: when an individual who knows the password changes roles, — 14 character minimum length, — passwords shall be composed of a combination of letters and numbers and symbols, — when the system capability exists password history shall be enabled and with the last 12 encrypted passwords stored per user.

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