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O). 307 Ibs. (H). H can be made from 50 Ibs. of water? AJfSWJSRS TO 56 PRACTICAL QUESTIONS H = 1 = equivalent of given constituent. " " HO = 9 = compound. x = weight of given constituent. " " 50 Ibs. = compound. 1 More simply, i of water How much : x : = 5/9 50 Ibs. 9. 9 : aj H is 50 Ibs. : Ibs. (H). hence ; +9=5 /9 Ibs. (H). saltpetre will be required to make 18 lot, of aquafortis ? NO 5 = 54 = equivalent of given constituent. NO B = 101 = compound. 18 Ibs. = weight of given constituent. " x= 54 x= 10.

2. How much water would be discharged per secondfrom a short pipe having a diameter of 4 inches and a depth of 48 feet below the surface of the water ? 4 2 =16. IP. 57 sq. 087 sq. v 3. much ft. (area of the tube). 8 cu. ft. When we pour molasses frojn a jug, why is the stream so larger near the nozzle than at some distance from it? Because, according to the law of falling bodies, the further the molasses falls the faster it falls. The stream, therefore, becomes smaller as it breaks up into drops.

6 compound. the constituent. " : : 2 Ibs. : : x. x. 8 Ibs. (white vitriol, sulp. zinc). 3. SO^-jHO) ? to make 50 Ibs. sulphate ANSWERS TO PRACTICAL QUESTIONS 54 SO 3 = 40 = equivalent of the constituent. SO,+7HO = 139 = x = weight t4 " 50 Ibs. SO 3 : 40 *' x= compound. x 50 Ibs. -i-7HO) :: 139 : compound. of the constituent. : x : : 50 Ibs. : 14 /'/gibs. ) The equivalent of the chloride of sodium 4. In 10 Ibs. lent of there are 6 of chlorine rr Ibs. t : what -(salt) is 58. 5. is the equiva* Cl?

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