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Aliens and Alienists: Ethnic Minorities and Psychiatry by R. Littlewood

By R. Littlewood

During this vintage textual content the authors research the hyperlinks among racism, mental ailing wellbeing and fitness and insufficient therapy of ethnic minorities. via a chain of case reviews they talk about: * the mental legacy of colonialism and slavery * the racist bias in psychiatric and mental thought * diagnostic bias * the function of faith in psychological wellbeing and fitness or affliction * the price of anthropological and pschoanalytic insights. The concluding bankruptcy during this variation studies the advance of 'transcultural psychiatry' and summarises adjustments in management of the psychological wellbeing and fitness Act.

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On the other hand we have seen that much of his behaviour and beliefs were an intelligible 24 ALIENS AND ALIENISTS response to his situation. Does the possibility of their being precipitated by cannabis make them any less meaningful? Many of these questions seem rather academic. We may wonder how necessary it is to concentrate on the exact definition of normality. Is it really necessary to decide whether Calvin is schizophrenic (insane) or has a ‘situational reaction’ precipitated by cannabis and emotional stress—or indeed whether he has any psychological problems at all?

In 1792 the Church Council in Cape Town agreed, as had churches in the Caribbean and United States, that black Christians could be slaves. Preachers combed the Bible for suitable texts in support of slavery, and lawyers created a complex literature on its constitutional sanction. Appeals were made to the book of Genesis: blacks were believed to be the descendants of Ham, who had been cursed by his father Noah for seeing him naked. Theologians and anthropologists debated the possibility that black and white had 36 MEDICINE AND RACISM been separately created [203, 399].

Alternatively the outsider may be seen as a threat only in as much as the qualities ascribed to him are in themselves a real threat. Minority ethnic groups in Britain have been accused of spreading epidemics (the Asians), pimping (the Maltese), smuggling heroin (the Chinese), subversion (the Irish) or treason (the Jews) [419, 420]. Their churches and associations were accused of spreading ideas subversive to their newly adopted country. Student radicalism is blamed on foreign students, and 30 MEDICINE AND RACISM British trade-unionists who have emigrated to Australia are accused of spreading ‘industrial unrest’.

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