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Akustik II / Acoustics II by R. W. Leonard, A. Barone, Rohn Truell, Charles Elbaum, B. E.

By R. W. Leonard, A. Barone, Rohn Truell, Charles Elbaum, B. E. Noltingk (auth.)

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This necessitates the introduction of an acoustic filter between the vent in the microphone case and the back surface T of the diaphragm. The mechanical equi- Fig. 51. A sectional view of a dynamic microphone. valent circuit is shown in Fig. 52. 111;. is the mass of the coil and diaphragm, C1 is the mechanical compliance of the diaphragm, R1 is the mechanical resistance referred to the diaphragm area resulting from the acoustic resistance of the porous material just below the moving coil. 2) where RA1 is the acoustic resistance of the porous material.

The dotted curve shows the pressure calibration supplied by the Bell Telephone Laborat tories (ROMANOW and HAWLEY) for the same microphone. The diffraction effecis clearly evident as the difference between the two curves. The pressure calibration indicates that the microphone was slightly over-damped as there is no evidence of a diaphragm resonance between 8 and 9 kc. The 12 db per octave decrease in sensitivity in the pressure calibration at frequencies above diaphragm resonance is to be expected from the equivalent circuit of Fig.

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