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Airwar (Outraged Skies, Wings of Fire) by Edward Jablonski

By Edward Jablonski

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In addition, the P-38 came exceptionally well at plenty of firepower caliber equipped with features which the Japanese hardly too had the problem of supply and The Japanese replacement. ing favored meant Like MacArthur's the "orderly staff, think- their air, though not completely ignored, was : self-seal- ing fuel tanks and armor plating to protect the pilot. Twenty-five Lightnings had arrived in Brisbane which generally way," large convoys of ships, transports with escorts. Supply by considered (because they added weight) September but remained grounded in until the vari- ous mechanical defects had been cleared up.

Although the weather turned sour by the afternoon of March 3, a few more strikes used to release them on calm days to skip against were made by B-17s, Lamer's B-25s again and canopy. Thirty caliber, a man on I let my that old I found later. I The gun crews were deck. two 500-pound bombs go now, wreck "Wham! I at Port got it Adam LaZonga plane was named ner and strip Moresby. just as I passed over the ship. Ol' sure could take plane wasn't flying right. I with ack-ack. " The the was one of the troop-carrying transTamei Maru, which sank.

Come two five-hundred-pound bombs under plane's wing. runway over their radios but without inciting the Zeros to in English), up. Faurot insults Japanese, also following a half year of sanguinary in his make holes in the by now traditional Americans had succeeded pilots. His Zero arousing one of the Japanese had begun a takeoff run when Faurot noticed him and dived. He was down to two thousand feet when he recalled that he carried a thousand pounds of bomb, which would deter him immeasurably if he and the Zero tangled.

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