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Agogic Maps: From Musical Phrasing to Enhancement of Urban by Raffaele Pe

By Raffaele Pe

This ebook explores the worth of the musical inspiration of “agogics” – the amendment of normal rhythm to reinforce expressive power – in figuring out city spatial configurations in the present technological context and in constructing city maps that make the most sonic indications to create an open studying framework. The e-book begins by way of discussing the that means and value of agogics within the musical and inventive realm, with regards to the paintings of Adolphe Appia, Emile-Jaques Dalcroze, and Iannis Xenakis, between others. Its relevance to cartography and mapping is then tested, making an allowance for the contributions of Ian McHarg, invoice Hillier, Mark Shepard, and Robin Minard. the character and price of agogic maps, for instance in fostering wisdom of position and potent association of spatial improvement, are defined intimately, just about case reviews in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Segrate, Italy. it really is defined how agogic maps benefit from cutting edge different types and scripting apparatus to supply a brand new mapping software for spatial and concrete configurations, highlighting the interdependence among aural indications and spatial variables. This publication could be of curiosity to architects, urbanists, and musicians with a particular curiosity in area and sound design.

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A specific study on the spatial density of the settlement of Yombo Vituka focuses on the degree of separation between buildings. This parameter indicates that, the greater is the density of the polygons in which each building is included and the smaller is the area covered by the construction, then the greater the sense of division among all parts. This condition is directly related to the property of each structure. Bigger dwellings belong to larger family and clans, normally rooted in the land they inhabit, possibly inherited directly from the first colonists of the land.

At this historical moment, we recall the birth of cites like Dar es Salaam with an evident Swahili imprint in their morphology. The Swahili village occupies an area of 40,000 m2 in a square shape, like a fortress or a little castle. This area includes several housing units of the same size as the Kgoro settlement. In the archeological remains of Shanga and Songo Mnara, all the dwellings are located along the border of the village, while the area in middle is left unbuilt to allow commercial use for the clans.

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