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Adventures With Atoms and Molecules: Chemistry Experiments by Robert C. Mebane, Thomas R. Rybolt

By Robert C. Mebane, Thomas R. Rybolt

Chemistry experiments for domestic or tuition reveal the houses and behaviour of varied sorts of atoms and molecules.

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Discussion In this experiment you are changing work energy of directed motion. to heat. and 26 STRETCHING A RUBBER BAND band are examples stretching a rubber activities Heat These of directed motion. take work. is the energy of random motton When you of molecules. water on a stove you make the molecules of water move However, the molecules are moving solid gets hotter its The rubber band in all is made band When you When of coiled molecules. forehead. shape and stretch the rubber When it you no longer Other things to hot.

With a balloon. bottle and put it the hot water. move slower and The in Put a pan this bottle in the The of hot water. they are less cold temperature likely to cap carbonated drinks and then put them them from some the refrigerator should not get as large as the in in it in carbonated drinks. Do losing carbon dioxide gas. 15 in leave the makes the liquid. We the refrigerator to keep 6 A GAS MADE BY MIXING VINEGAR AND BAKING SODA? IS Materials Baking soda A teaspoon Vinegar A measuring cup A balloon An empty soft drink bottle Procedure Place one-half teaspoon of baking soda Add one-quarter cup in the empty soft drink bottle.

Does the spot move with the water? 31 1 2 Do you see the spot separating into different colors? do you see? Do some colors move take for the water to reach the end How many colors farther than others? How long did it paper towel? of the Discussion A mixture if a combination is of several different things. For example, you mix red marbles and blue marbles you have a mixture of To separate different colored marbles. pick out all the red marbles this mixture of and place them Separating a mixture of molecules different colored marbles.

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