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Advanced methods in applied mathematics, lecture course by Courant R.

By Courant R.

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Ponents as Relations, his use of Relations as meanings, and, fi nally, to his belief in a philosophy of internal relations that served as the necessary framelr<>rk ror these practices. Besides placing Marx in this tradition, I have also tried to make the poiintthar the relational conception shared by such thinkers as Spinoza, Leibn iz. He�el, and Marx cannot be rejected out ofhand. Yet, holding that it can be defended is not quite the same as defending it. This is an important distinction, and It iS Dn, readers should bear in mind.

Portant, it refers to the mental activity of subdividing the world into the mem. tal , 62 DANCE OF T H E DIALECTIC Putting Dialectics to Work coRstructs with which we think about it, which is the process that we have been describing. Second, it refers to the results of this process, the actual parts into which reality has been apportioned. That is to say, for Marx, as for Hegel before him, "abstraction" functions as a noun as well as a verb, the noun referring to what the verb has brought into being.

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