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Active sound and vibration control : theory and applications by M.O. Tokhi, S.M. Veres

By M.O. Tokhi, S.M. Veres

This booklet provides the tested basics within the region of lively sound and vibration keep an eye on and explores new and rising applied sciences and strategies. the newest theoretical, algorithmic and
practical purposes are coated

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Currently, intense research is devoted to the application of modern compound materials with embedded actuators and sensors (keywords are: bi-functional elements, adaptive or smart structures, adaptronics [101, 204]) where technical problems are encountered, among others, by the fact that sensor and actuator materials such as piezoceramics, piezopolymers, electro and magnetostrictive materials, shape memory alloys, electro and magnetorheological fluids (smart materials) are not constructional materials with a mechanical strength sufficient for load-bearing structures.

13) gives a quantitative measure of the degree of cancellation achieved with the ANC system at the arbitrary point q, under stationary (steady-state) conditions. It follows from this equation that, if no error is involved in implementing the controller, then the resultant cancellation at an arbitrary point in the medium is dependent only on the transfer characteristics of the acoustic paths from the primary and secondary sources to the observation points and to the arbitrary point in question. Therefore, for a given primary wave the amount and physical extent of cancellation is described by the geometrical arrangement of the sources and observers.

Conversely, the turbulence of a flame has been suppressed actively by feedback control of a microphone/loudspeaker system [67]. Laboratory experiments have shown since about 1982 that the transition from laminar to turbulent flow can be delayed by controlling the TollmienSchlichting waves in the boundary layer, thereby providing drag reduction which is of great technical relevance. This can be achieved with thermal inputs [176] and acoustical or vibrational excitation [74, 90, 187]. Also, the dangerous surge and stall in compressors, resulting from a compressor instability, can be suppressed acoustically [126].

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