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Acoustics: Sound Fields and Transducers by Leo L. Beranek, Tim Mellow

By Leo L. Beranek, Tim Mellow

Acoustics: Sound Fields and Transducers is a completely up-to-date model of Leo Beranek's vintage 1954 e-book that keeps and expands at the original's precise acoustical basics whereas including useful formulation and simulation tools.

Serving either as a textual content for college kids in engineering departments and as a reference for practising engineers, this e-book specializes in electroacoustics, studying the habit of transducers simply by electro-mechano-acoustical circuits. Assuming wisdom of electric circuit idea, it begins through guiding readers in the course of the fundamentals of sound fields, the legislation governing sound new release, radiation, and propagation, and common terminology. It then strikes directly to examine:

  • Microphones (electrostatic and electromagnetic), electrodynamic loudspeakers, earphones, and horns
  • Loudspeaker enclosures, baffles, and waveguides
  • Miniature purposes (e.g., MEMS in I-Pods and cellphones)
  • Sound in enclosures of all sizes, equivalent to study rooms, workplaces, auditoriums, and residing rooms

Numerical examples and precis charts are given through the textual content to make the fabric simply acceptable to functional layout. it's a necessary source for experimenters, acoustical specialists, and to those that expect being engineering designers of audio equipment.

  • An replace for the electronic age of Leo Beranek's vintage 1954 publication Acoustics
  • Provides distinct acoustic basics, permitting greater figuring out of complicated layout parameters, size equipment, and data
  • Extensive appendices disguise frequency-response shapes for loudspeakers, mathematical formulation, and conversion factors

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CA is called the acoustic compliance and equals V/r0c2. Note also that CA ¼ V/gP0, from Eq. 19). 3. A cylindrical tube is to be used in an acoustic device as an impedance element. (a) The impedance desired is that of a compliance. 4 Â 103 rayls at an angular frequency of 1000 rad/s? (b) What is the relative magnitude of the first and second terms of Eq. 74) for this case? Solution. 1 m. Hence, the second term is about 3% of the first term. 5 SOLUTION OF WAVE EQUATION FOR AIR IN A TUBE FILLED WITH ABSORBENT MATERIAL Ducts and tubes are often filled with absorbent material in order to minimize standing waves, such as in transmission-line loudspeaker enclosures or exhaust-pipe mufflers, for example.

17 Bessel functions of the first kind. 58 CHAPTER 2 The wave equation and solutions FIG. 18 Bessel functions of the second kind. The azimuthal equation in f. 135) It can be seen that the integer n denotes the nth harmonic of the azimuthal modes of vibration where f ¼ 2p represents a full rotation about the z axis. The values of An and Bn depend on where the nodes and antinodes lie on the circumference. For example, setting Bn ¼ 0 would place the nodes at f ¼ 0, p, and 2p. The axial equation in z.

68), resulting from the integration of Eq. 4a), must be independent of x because we integrated with respect to x. The constant then represents an increment to the ambient pressure of the entire medium through which the wave is passing. Such an increment does not exist in our tube, so that in Eq. 68) we have set the constant of integration equal to zero. Integration of Eq. 68), after we have replaced u~ðxÞ by its value from Eq. 70) This result could alternatively have been obtained by setting ZT ¼ N in Eq.

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