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Acoustic Echo and Noise Control: A Practical Approach by E. Hansler, Gerhard Schmidt

By E. Hansler, Gerhard Schmidt

Authors are renowned and hugely well-known through the "acoustic echo and noise community."Presents a close description of sensible the right way to regulate echo and noiseDevelops a statistical concept for optimum keep watch over parameters and offers useful estimation and approximation tools

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In Part IV we describe the control of such algorithms and the estimation of the control parameters. Most of the information given here has been published only in papers and conference proceeding. So, this is the first concise presentation of this material. In Chapter 13 we describe estimation procedures of parameters and states of the system, like short-term signal power or the presence of double talk, that are specific for echo and noise control systems. We derive pseudooptimal control parameters and give examples for entire control architectures.

The pitch frequency depends on the speaker. Mean pitch frequencies are about 120 Hz for male speakers and about 215 Hz for female speakers. In Fig. 2 three 60-ms segments of speech (as well as the entire sequence) are depicted in the time and in the frequency domain. The two diagrams in the center show two vowels: a from wonderful and i: from be. In the last diagram the sibilant sequence sh from she is depicted. The terms a, i:, and sh are written in phonetic transcription. The differences between voiced and unvoiced speech are also clearly visible in the power spectral density.

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