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A Step Away from Paradise: A Tibetan Lama's Extraordinary by Foreword by Tenzin Palmo, Thomas K Shor Thomas K. Shor

By Foreword by Tenzin Palmo, Thomas K Shor Thomas K. Shor

"A Step clear of Paradise tells the tale of Tibet’s Tulshuk Lingpa, a visionary lama who in 1962 introduced an excursion to what he and his fans believed to be the land of immortality defined in twelfth-century Tibetan culture. With over three hundred disciples, he ventured up a distant Himalayan mountain on the Nepal-Sikkim border that allows you to ‘open the best way’ to a hidden land of lots stumbled on on no map. Fifty years later, Thomas okay. Shor tracks down the surviving participants of this visionary day trip and entwines their awesome tales of religion and event along with his personal quest to find the truth of this land often called Beyul. What emerges is a wide ranging tale alive with hazard, bringing the reader as with regards to the Hidden Land as a publication in all probability can. because the striking account unfolds, the reader is bound to copy the query regularly raised by means of the writer in his interviews: after which what occurred? the tale remembers and conjures up one in every of humanity's oldest aspirations—that of discovering a stairway to paradise

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In this weather it is difficult to imagine the landscape of my childhood,’ he said. ‘Nothing could be more different from this cloud-heavy greenery. The valley in which I lived had hardly any vegetation: just steep slopes of stones, boulders and sheer rock faces rising to snow, glaciers and mountain peaks. The Chenab River, which originated in the high glacial peaks of Spiti, roared over huge rounded boulders in the valley. ’ Pangi was one of the most remote places in the Indian Himalayas. Travel in those days was by foot or by horse.

The second wife is called a khandro in Tibetan—or dakini in Sanskrit—which translates to Sky Walker. She is something between a lover and an angel. Khandros are intermediaries between lingpas and the hidden realms they have special commerce with. Tulshuk Lingpa was his father’s first wife’s only child. He had a half-sister and three half-brothers, his father’s children by his second wife. One of these brothers was killed while being robbed by highwaymen in the high and lonely wilds of the Tibetan Plateau.

You are born with the ability—or not. No amount of study can make you a terton. In fact, too much learning might very well take the ability right out of you. ’ Kunsang explained that his father’s name was Tulshuk Lingpa. Lingpas are like the elites of tertons. ’ ‘And the name Tulshuk,’ I asked. ’ To understand that, Kunsang told me, we have to go back to Golok, north of Kham, in eastern Tibet. That is where his father was born. He was born with the name Senge Dorje, which means Lion Thunderbolt.

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