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A Manual of Ritual Fire Offerings by Michael Perrott, Sharpa Tulku

By Michael Perrott, Sharpa Tulku

Includes translations of texts required to accomplish the ritual fireplace delivering for peace linked to six meditational deities. This e-book talks approximately 13 deities in response to the Gelugpa culture of Tibetan Buddhism.

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VAHANA YA SW AHA. If there are no hindrances this is not necessary. The Actual Offering of the Materials to be Burned The offering sticks: Then fragrant, thornless, sappy sticks, anointed at the ends with both butter and honey, having a length of twelve finger-widths and the thickness of the little finger, should be offered, either in pairs or individually, with the tips towards the deity. They should be held between the thumb and ring finger in the mudra of Best Bestowing, (while saying), All the offering sticks become of the nature ofBodhi-wood.

Prostrations to Bhairava Yamantaka. Yamantaka, the complete destroyer, You the essence ofVajra Ignorance, The nature of the teacher of all the Buddhas·, Prostrations and praise to the Vajra Body. Yamantaka, the complete destroyer, You the essence ofVajra Slander, Identical with the Vajra Heart-mind. Prostrations and praise to Ratnavajra. You the essence ofVajra Lust, Yamantaka the complete destroyer Identical with t~e Vajra Speech. Prostrations and praise to the Vajra Speech. You the essence ofVajraJealousy, The doer ofY amantaka 's actions Identical with the Vajra Body.

I, seven times. Then: OM This kusa grass, clean and good, Is the purifier ofBrahma's gods, Pleases the supreme Triple Refuge, And is the essence of all earth born grass. As for all my hindrancesPlease pacify them and make them auspicious. Having said that, lay the unbroken, fragrant, blue-green kusa stems, which are laden with pollen and not excessively long, in pairs with the tips side by side, beginning from the left, around the outer rim of the hearth, treating the direction one faces as the east.

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