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A Man Of Means by Diana Palmer

By Diana Palmer

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Rey turned away with a muttered curse. Leo was right; he had saved him from even worse heartache, but the memory was still raw enough to hurt. "Don't try to take it out on Meredith," Leo told him firmly. "She's had enough tragedy. " Rey glanced at him over his shoulder. "I would, if she'd remember why she's here," he said venomously. "It's not my fault that every time I turn around, she's drooling over me! A saint could be tempted by a woman whose eyes worship him like that. " "Don't raise your voice," Leo cautioned.

Getting you out of your rut was the second. You don't have any memories to contend with here. " He smiled. " She smiled back. "I've never even been on a ranch before. I could love it here. " "When you're back to normal, we've got plenty of opportunity around here for your sort of job," he pointed out. She chuckled. "Don't rush me. " She didn't add that she didn't want to be that close to Rey, considering his opinion of her at the moment. " "Okay. " He leaned back in his chair and winced, favoring the arm he'd had stitched.

Stitches," she said. " Leo grimaced. " She patted him on the shoulder that wasn't injured. " He sighed, glancing at his brother. " Rey shrugged. "You'd hate tetanus more," he told Leo. " Leo made a face at him. When Leo was stitched up and given his tetanus shot, Rey drove him back to the house, where Meredith made him a cup of coffee and cut him a slice of cherry pie, making sure he had a cushion for his back in the straight chair at the table. 84 A MAN OF MEANS Rey glared at the special treatment his brother was getting.

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