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A Lamp for the Path and Commentary by Richard Sherburne

By Richard Sherburne

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It rises in great breadth because it makes all creatures its scope. "This Thought rises without obscuration because it is given over to dispassionate knowledge. It is a servant to all because of its constant great compassion. Because it knows [the value of] the ritual for Bestowal [of merit], it rises continually. Because it is the Thought taught by the Omniscient One, it is the prerequisite. It is worthy of study because it is not found in other vehicles, and any creatures studying them will not see it.

819 (SS: p. 279). SS: p. '279. The siitra is not found under this title in the Tibetan catalogues. Unidentified. Progress in Practice, Ot. 5272, Vol. 5. ibid. SS: p. 155. Ch. VI: 119. Ot. 739, Vol. 5. Ot. 760 (23), Voi. 4. Unidentified. Unidentified. Ot. 815. Vol. 3. Praise of Ultimate Truths, Ot. 2014, Vol. 4. SS: p. 249. gsang-ste phyir-mi-ldog-pa. The phrase is interpreted in the lama tradition as referring to the First Bodhisattva Level, but the significance of the "in secret" or "privately" has been lost.

2 With the power of Resolve in good practice, I use bodies more numerous than atoms To pay reverence to all Victors my mind can perceive. 26 A LAMP FOR THE PATH AND COMMENTARY 3 I place full faith in these Victors, And their virtues of ExcellenceIn these countless Buddhas, seated 'midst Their Sons, more than atoms upon atoms. 4 I praise all those gone to Bliss, With oceans of endless laud; I sing the virtues of all Victors With the whole range of ocean's voice. 5 With fine flowers and fine garlands, Cymbals' sound, unguents and parasols, With finest lamps and pure incense, I do worship all those Victors.

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