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A Grammar of Ma’di by Mairi Blackings, Nigel Fabb

By Mairi Blackings, Nigel Fabb

This grammar presents the most distinct bills to be had of the syntax of a Nilo-Saharan language. It absolutely describes many of the strange features of Ma'di, together with the several notice orders linked to assorted tenses, the particle-based modal and concentration platforms, the whole variety of adverbials, and the constitution and which means of the noun word. The grammar additionally describes the phonetics, phonology, morphology, and elements of the lexicon of the language.

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These two determiners are definite but can become indefinite when they are preceded by a postmodifier. e. ' There is also a determiner which makes a noun phrase both specific and definite, and thus like a name, and with the same syntactic characteristics in Ma'di as a name. This is a low tone suffix, glossed SPEC in (24). It can be put after a bare noun or after a noun phrase ending in a demonstrative or n, making these noun phrases specific as well as definite. 6. Postposition phrases Location words in Ma'di are either classifiable as nouns, typically standing on their own or being possessed by the things they locate, or as postpositions, typically preceded by a noun phrase.

Eat 15 In the differentiation of inflected and uninflected verbs, the 'Burulo dialect differs in many ways from the Lokai and Ugandan dialects of Ma'di; for example, in 'Burulo there is no object-verb order difference. We discuss the inflected, uninflected and directive verbs in separate chapters. Using the classification proposed by Heine (1976), the Lokai Madi type of word order is Type B: partly SVO, partly SOV; the 'Burulo type of word order is type A: SVO. 4. Arguments: subject and object In this grammar we propose that all predicators, whether verbal or nonverbal, have a pronominal subject and can in addition have what we call an 'adjoined subject', which is optional and which we assume is adjoined to the left of the pronominal 'true' subject, rather than being a fundamental structural part of the sentence.

226 Download Date | 7/29/12 7:52 PM iqgo? 2. 1. Tones on monosyllables All three tones are attested in monosyllables: mgbi rjgä po 'all round' 'to sprout' 'to break' Η Μ L Most monosyllables can be analyzed as verbs or grammatical words, though some of these grammatical words might also be analysed as nouns. Monosyllabic verbs have mid or low tone, but not high tone (the same is true for Logbara according to Crazzarola 1960: 10). 2. we words. HH HL HM MM ML MH LL LH LM Singular native nouns and adjectives have a strong tendency towards final high, with the first syllable usually being either low or high, with some cases of mid.

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